32 Weeks Pregnant!

6 more weeks at most until baby number 2 arrives! Time is definitely going slower now for me which I’m sure has a lot to do with getting into that tired again stage of pregnancy. Being 32 weeks pregnant is a very pivotal time for me because it is the time that I started to experience fluid problems with Jacob that eventually resulted in his early delivery. For the most part this pregnancy has felt nothing like Jacob’s pregnancy which was very overwhelming and anxiety filled from day one. I’d like to believe that throughout this pregnancy I’ve been far more laidback (although more hormonal) about the little aches and worries of pregnancy. By this point in Jacob’s pregnancy I had been to labor and delivery twice and I havent been once this pregnancy which to me seems remarkable…maybe its a sign that we’ll carry the baby right up to the delivery date this time around. I have my next appointment a week from today and then two weeks after that I’m having my bio-physical profile to see how the fluid around the baby is doing and to see if she’s practicing breathing like she’s supposed to in preparation for our c-section at 38 weeks 1 day….of course if any concerns come up between now and then I could end up with a bio-physical profile ultrasound earlier then 35 weeks…..we’ll just have to wait and see I guess.

Aside from feeling pretty tired I’m not doing so bad on the pregnancy “symptoms” side of things. I try to sit down when I can to put my feet up and so far I have no swelling in my hands, face or feet and my blood pressure seems to be hanging in there. I can feel the baby growing because my hips and pelvis are definitely a bit sore but nothing too unmanageable. I am hoping that I can continue feeling this good until after Christmas because I need some energy to finish up my place, get the baby’s room ready, finish Christmas shopping and have enough gusto to have an enjoyable holiday. I don’t think any plans are in the work to do the baby’s room until after the holiday so I don’t have to really worry or stress about that right now…add to that the fact that she’s sleeping in our room for the first while and all is well. Last week I was able to sit down and pick out the colors for the nursery and I think I’ve picked out a cute combination. Overall, I think we’re really good to go and despite the fact that nothing is set up yet I think I feel like everything is in place and if baby should arrive earlier then anticipated all will be well.

I am trying to rack my brain for other tests that need to happen before my c-section and the only test that comes to mind was the group B strep test but I’m almost certain I don’t need to have that test when I’m having a c-section. Does anyone know?

All in all, it’s another week down and 6 more weeks to go at most!

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  1. Some doctors will still do the GBS test in case you go into labor and go fast or something and also because there is an outside chance that a baby can be infected with GBS while still in the womb, but most skip it if you are having a scheduled c/s.

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