33 Weeks Pregnant

Yes, it’s true! I am now 33 weeks pregnant or 5 weeks away from delivery day, or 36 days shy of meeting our little blessing….but whichever way you look at it, i’m definitely getting closer! This week has been a week of what I call “slow down” and it took me a while to realize it but I think my body is finally telling me enough is enough! I’ve been so busy every single weekend and have been wildly attempting to get things done that need to be done pre-Christmas but I’m sad to say it’s coming to the point where I can’t do it all anymore. This past weekend I spent an entire day out and about with Mike and Jacob trying to get most of my Christmas errands done and truth be told…it sucked the life out of me. I developed a bout of insomnia in the past couple of days and I’m unable to sleep comfortably or peacefully at all lately. This morning when I woke up I could feel the baby up in my lungs and I was having a lot of nausea as a result but it all seems settled down now which is probably why I am awake and blogging instead of in my bed snoozing.

This morning I had my 33 week appointment with my OB where all the standard appointment business was completed. As usual my urine was “clean” meaning it didn’t have any protein/sugar that would elude there was a problem…I’ve gained another 2 pounds and my blood pressure was up a tiny bit but nothing to be concerned about (those were the doctor’s words, not mine). We verified the plan with my OB about what would happen if I went into labor before my c-section date and the plan is that we would proceed with a vaginal delivery attempt if that situation should arise….honestly I don’t think he remember’s people’s plans because lately I’ve noticed he’s been saying something different every appointment! Grrr. My next appointment is schedule for December 30th with a colleague of his because he’s going to be on vacation and before that appointment I have a bio-physical profile scheduled…I’ll be having one every week from 35 weeks onwards up until my c-section date to check on the “living conditions” in the womb as my doctor puts it.

I finally bit the bullet and bought the diaper bag I wanted and I feel pretty good about the situation because I saw another mommy with it at the OB’s office and I love the sleek design and the fact that its not huge….one thing I regret doing with Jacob was carrying around so much unnecessary crap; I definitely plan not to do that this time around. The next thing Mike and I need to look at are Baby Monitors since we gave our old one to my mom for her house when Jacob sleeps over and we’d like to leave it there….we need one with better reception for our new place anyways so we’ve got to research which one we want this time around. This weekend (Friday probably) Mike and I are going to Home Depot to pick up the paint we picked out for baby girl’s bedroom and I think the plan is to paint her room the weekend after Christmas….we’ll see when my mom has time since she’s helping out and she’s REALLY good at painting, and fast too! This week when we were out and about Mom picked up the curtains I wanted for the baby’s room so now i’m on the hunt for a cute light colored (preferably white) curtain rod to go with them! I think I’ll get Mike to build the baby’s change table/dresser some time soon so that it’s done and we don’t need to think about it. I need to get out to Ikea to get some picture frames that I want for the baby’s room that are white and then once we get the letters for her wall (I think Mom is getting these, but I’m not sure) I think we’ll be good! We have the white toy stand from Ikea that we had in Jacob’s room and changed the color of the bins to white, pink and green (Thanks Vero for that Idea), the white dresser and change table combo, and then the crib that Jacob used which is a maple color and doesn’t match but eventually we’ll have a white twin bed in that room so we’ll just put up with the non-matching piece of furniture for now! I’d like to find a small white bookshelf to put in the room so that I can put some baskets on one shelf and books on the other but so far nothing has jumped out at me.

Christmas is so soon and I still have a lot to do (that’s another post for another time) so I’m trying to get it all done and relax next week! My stomach is GROWING too much if you ask me and I’m way tired but what else can you do when you’re 33 weeks pregnant during the busiest time of the year! Here’s to another good week down, and hopefully another good week to come.

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