34 Weeks Pregnant….

29 days to go until the c-section date and I’m not stressing about it too much. There is still a lot to do in the baby preparation department but I feel like since this is our second child it’s all a “been there done that” type of feeling and we’ve got nothing to worry about. I can definitely feel changes happening in my body lately for example I’m certain I’ve gained about 5 pounds in the past week because of all the Christmas indulging we’ve done so I’m focused on trying not to eat too much crap in the next few days aside from a few sweets on Christmas day from my stocking. My pelvis and hips are suddenly getting difficult to carry around and I’m still feeling a lack of energy…..nothing is too painful or comfortable and nothing is worth complaining about in my opinion. Mike has been great with helping me relax at night and will usually give my feet and legs a little massage to help them feel a little less heavy. I think the major difference is going to be on Christmas morning when I would usually sit down on the floor with Jacob to open presents…I worry if I get down there on the floor, there will be no getting up!! Ha!

I don’t have a doctors appointment until next Tuesday so I’ve got nothing to report on that front but I am nervous about my ultrasound appointment before my doctor’s visit next week. At 9 am its going to be my first bio-physical ultrasound of this pregnancy….those dreaded ultrasounds that pointed out all the problems at the end of my pregnancy last time. I am not nervous about them because something tells me we are not having a fluid problem this time around….maybe its the size of my stomach. I am eager to get focused on eating and living more healthy when the baby arrives because I just realized that I need to get my butt in gear so I can be around to take care of these two blessings in my life. I’m eager to hear that everything is progressing well in the pregnancy and we can push forward towards our delivery date without worry or complication. Pray for us!

I think once Christmas is done we’ll finally get around to pulling stuff our for the baby and getting the house ready. I need to have all the Christmas decorations and the tree down before we can begin to assemble the swing and set it up in the living room. Perhaps Mike can build the bassinet and bouncy chair in the few days after Christmas and together we’ll go out and pick up the paint we need to get her bedroom done. I’m not too worried about her bedroom not being done before she’s born because its not like she’s going to be sleeping in there for a while anyways…I’d really like to get her dresser together though so I have a place to put some of the stuff we’ve gotten for her! I’m not thinking we’ll get very much for her over the course of the next little while….someone mentioned that they think we might get some gift for her at Christmas time but I seriously doubt that! My mom is throwing a tiny get together for me in January but of course I’m not supposed to know the date….it’s not too hard to make a good guess though! Ha! In my opinion it can only be one of two days so we’ll see if my instinct is right! I’m just excited to see a few of my good friends…even my closest friend Lisa and I haven’t been able to find the time to get together! How strange is that?!

Anyways, as always no news is good news on the pregnancy front for us! 34 weeks pregnant..4 more weeks to go until c-section! Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers over the next 4 weeks for a safe delivery and a speedy recovery!

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