35 Weeks Pregnant!

At the end of this the 35th week of my pregnancy I will be more pregnant that I have ever been! I am just a 4 days shy of the time my induction with Jacob began due to an amniotic fluid complication. So far it seems we are not having those same complications in this pregnancy but we’ll definitely know more about that after my biophysical profile ultrasound tomorrow morning. It’s so hard to imagine that at most I’ll only be pregnant for another 3 weeks and 1 day and at times I feel like I might miss being pregnant….there’s just something that is so awesome about it and at the same time I look forward to feeling less pressure in the hip/groin area.

From here on out I am hoping for smooth sailing (much like how the previous weeks have been) because I just can’t handle a complicated delivery like I had with Jacob…I already have enough anxiety related to not making it through the delivery for some reason and I’m trying really hard just to focus on a positive outcome for everyone. Tomorrow after my ultrasound I’ll see the doctor (someone who is sitting in for my OB while he is on vacation) and I hope that all is well with my blood pressure and urine….so far we’ve had easy-peasy appointments so I’m hoping that this trend continues with tomorrow’s appointment! I’m pretty sure that after tomorrow’s appointment I’ll be seeing my doctor every week until delivery….I do have bio-physical profile ultrasounds scheduled for every week leading up to the 20th of January.

Today was a pretty productive day as my mom came over and put the first coats of paint on the baby’s room and after she put the second coat of green on tomorrow we’ll just need to install the white chair rail and then Mike can get to putting the furniture together and we can set things up just the way they are supposed to be. Despite feeling totally exhausted and crusty today I was able to go through all of Jacob’s clothing today and set them into piles of things to be donated, things to be sold, things to give away, and things to keep for this baby…..sadly a few items needed to meet the trash can but not too many! I have 4 bins of spring/summer clothing to take to the consignment shop whenever they start accepting clothes for the spring and summer months! I’m stoked.

Like the previous weeks of pregnancy I don’t really have much to add and will probably have a more complete update tomorrow since my appointments have now been moved from Monday’s to Tuesday’s so look for an update in the near future!

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