A Quiet Wintery Evening

The snow started to fall before we even got out of bed this morning and I thought that if I wanted to I could let it stress me out or I could go with the flow. We had a lot of errands to do today and early in the snowstorm we managed to get out and do some so that was quite a relief! Mike, who is not an experienced winter storm driver, did a pretty awesome job of keeping our car on the road when people everywhere were swerving and swaying! There is definitely a benefit to shopping during a snow storm….EMPTY shopping malls! Ahhhh it was so sweet to just go into a store without elbow to elbow people, pick out what we wanted and be on our merry way….after paying of course! Once we got home we did a few things around the house while Jacob napped and then enjoyed a nice dinner of chicken pot pie and Caesar salad! Yum-o!

Tonight round one of Christmas baking with Jacob kicked off and we managed to throw together some pretty darn good Shortbread Cookies if you ask me! I personally think the 2.5 dozen that we made turned out AWESOME for a first ever attempt at baking Shortbread…..thanks Connie for all your tips…apparently shortbread can be finicky to bake if not done correctly! When the shortbread was done we moved onto some basic Chocolate Chip Cookies which also turned out delightful and the recipe produced 4.5 dozen cookies! Yikes! Thankfully we’ll be seeing LOTS of family members over the next couple of days and we can hand them out! Tomorrow we are baking sugar cookies with red and green sprinkles and Peanut Butter Temptations….I can’t wait! Once Jacob settled to sleep for the evening I wrapped all of the Christmas gifts except for 2 which I will get to in the morning! I probably would have finished those 2 as well except by the time I got to them I was tired and they are big boxes for my dad that will be more difficult to wrap then anything else we purchased!

For the past 40 minutes I’ve been sitting here on the couch listening to Christmas music and surfing the web! I think I’ll go to bed in a few moments and call it a successful stress free evening on a quiet snowy evening!

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