Adult Conversation

It was really nice today to go out with my co-workers for our annual Christmas luncheon and I especially enjoyed the conversation that wasn’t entirely focused on parenting, family, pregnancy, etc. I think the social part of work is what I miss the most when I am not there….the way that you can suddenly be connected and disconnected from everything that goes on at home at the same time. It was just so nice to sit down for a nice lunch and chat about what was new in all of our lives. I wasn’t planning on going since I haven’t really been getting out much by myself since my “passing out” episode at the mall but I took a risk and it paid off because it really felt nice to be out and about on my own. Michael from work gave us a beautiful hand made hat for the baby that he got at the One of a Kind Craft Sale here in Toronto! It’s so cute but I woudln’t expect anything else from Michael because he has really great taste! I am looking forward to going back to work for my “maternity goodbye” in the new year and seeing everyone again….like I’ve said already it’s really nice to chat with other adults who have some things in common with you other then parenting.

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