Calendar Woes

I’m so peeved it’s not even funny! I’ve been working on a calendar for my mom and her husband for the past 2 days and it’s been a very slow slow process. First I couldn’t get started when I wanted to (2 weeks ago) because we had computer problems and coudn’t access all our stored photos….then we were without real internet for a few days during our move. When we finally were able to get to it 2 days ago the connection speed was soo slow that it was taking forever to upload one picture to the website where we were purchasing our calendar. UGGG! I needed to add just 2 more pictures and was planning on doing it tonight but of course BLACKS PHOTOGRAPHY’S WEBSITE IS DOWN! I’m so mad and frustrated… it won’t be ready by Christmas and I’m not willing to get one of the crappier versions from Walmart so mom if you’re reading this….Merry Christmas from Jacob….you’re getting a Calendar it’s just not going to be ready by Christmas.

One thought on “Calendar Woes

  1. I ordered the calendars we are giving with plenty of time for printing and shipping to us (ordered 12/6) from Costco and here we are 9 business days from ordering and they have informed me that due to high volume of orders they haven’t even been printed and won’t be for a few more days! So they won’t be here before Christmas. Great.

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