Christmas Comes to Town

Our Christmas festivities kick off this weekend and despite some of the stress the preparations have delivered, I am stoked! Mike took Friday off from work and we’re going to run around (ok really drive around) and get all of our to-do list done. We have a long list of things to do that includes a trip to Sears Portrait Studio (to pick up our pics), Costco (for a fresh turkey), the grocery store, Zellers and lastly the Card store. I hope that Jacob is in a good mood on Friday because we really need him to co-operate so that we can get all of our errands done! On Friday night I plan to kick off some of the holiday baking that we wanted to do by making the Peanut Butter Temptation Cookies that someone on one of my message board posted, then on Saturday morning I’m making Shortbread Cookies and Jacob and I are going to make some fun Christmas Shaped Sugar Cookies….with sprinkles of course!

On Saturday evening Nana and Papa are taking Jacob downtown to see all the Christmas Lights and the giant Christmas Tree then he’s having a sleepover at their house so Mike and I are going to finish up all the last minute tasks we have to do around the house, bring out our bigger dining room table, do some preparations for Sunday’s dinner and then if we have time….we’re going to go to a late showing of Will Smith’s new movie Seven Pounds….it looks very promising. On Sunday morning if I am feeling up to it (and since its much easier to do without Jacob) we will go to Church and then come right home to start the preparations for the Johnson Family Christmas dinner which is set to happen that evening at our house as has been the tradition for the past few years. After Christmas dinner on Sunday we’ll tidy up and Mike has to work on Monday and Tuesday…so when he’s working I’ll do laundry and try to get some of our presents wrapped……so we can relax on Christmas Eve day when Mike starts his vacation.

Christmas Eve we are off to a quiet night at my dad’s house then back home to start our own Christmas traditions here….a late night snack together, putting out milk and cookies for Santa, opening up new pyjamas, and sitting down as a family to read Twas the Night Before Christmas. Christmas morning I’m so excited to watch Jacob come downstairs and experience Christmas together one last time before his sister arrives…..once our gifts are opened and everyone is dressed we are off to Nana and Papa’s house! I’m not sure if they’ll wait for us to eat breakfast this year but if they do that’s great, if not then we’ll eat a quick breakfast here then head over! I love spending the day at my mom’s house on Christmas day….I hope Jacob grows as fond of it as I have over the years….plus how could I have Christmas without my mom’s stuffing?!?

Gosh, I can’t wait for this all. Like I said…..Christmas is coming to Town and I’m stoked.

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