I Have My Laptop Back!

It only took close to a month but Mike was finally able to get my Acer Laptop working again! I’m not able to recall if I wrote about it here but one day I was on my laptop and got up to go to the bathroom and when I came back it just wasn’t working anymore! I was so sad and thought that I would never be able to use it again but it turned out the hard drive was defective and so we sent it back to Acer in exchange for a new one. The original plan was that Acer would ship out the new hard drive in 2-3 business days but for some reason it took a really long time and didn’t get here until yesterday! When Mike came home from work last night he worked on the laptop all night and this morning I have it back! I am so happy to have all my links back and no offense but Mike’s laptop is old and slow and it was really starting to bug me but I just kept telling myself that something is better then nothing.

2 thoughts on “I Have My Laptop Back!

  1. It was an address mix up, and I just was to busy to call and get them to resend the drive. I had an average of 20 minutes on hold when ever I called there tech support. Though to be fair if they had the right address on file we would have had the drive in 3 days….

    I’m glad your happy honey.

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