I’ve often heard people refer to themselves as “nesting” at the end of their pregnancies but I didn’t experience this with Jacob perhaps because I went early. For the past few days Mike has commented several times that he thinks I’m “nesting” unknowingly because I’ve been making lists and we’ve been slowly starting to get things done around the house. I was always the type of person to leave my tree up until after the New Year but today I was adamant that it all needed to come down and be put away today….and it did! If you looked around my house right now the only sign that Christmas came and went is our brand new TV and other new items we were so generously given as gifts!

This afternoon I went out with my mom to Home Depot and we picked out some beautiful paint colors for the baby’s room ( a soft pink and sort of sage green, which we’ll accent with a white chair rail) and then we were off to Ikea where I picked up some nice matted white picture frames for her room and a new curtain rod (also in white) so we can hang the curtains that mom picked up for me! Tomorrow I plan on doing some more vacuuming, dusting and laundry while Mom works on painting the baby’s room and Mike organizes one of our storage rooms to fit the Christmas decorations! Once the room is painted we’ll hang the curtains, build the dresser/change table combo and take a look at the crib to see if its fixable! I’ve got a few other things for the room like the white toy bin that Jacob had in his room before, some wall art that my mom picked up at Home Sense, and obviously the white picture frames that I bought today. Eventually she’ll have a little white book shelf (just need to find the right one) and some letters that spell out her name just like Jacob did…of course we still need to decide on a name! I want to get a second curtain rod/shelf put in her closet…you know one of those wire ones? Then I will add some nice pink or green lined baskets to sit on top of it and hang some of her clothes on the bottom rack…I also want a hanging pocket organizer in pink from babies r us like I had for Jacob so that I can put some of her extra’s in there!

At some point this week I am also going to go through all of my scrapbook supplies and get organized so that I can actually finish Jacob’s book from his first year….I have totally put that on the back burner and its something that is really important to me so I’ve got to get motivated to get that done! I also plan to sit down and go through all the bins of Jacob’s old clothing and put aside the things that I want to keep for baby girl, the things I want to sell, and the things I want to give away….that sort of needs to be a priority!

Once all of the above is done I am also on the hunt for two 16×20 or larger black and white pictures for our living room wall of some sort of Parisian scene! I haven’t decided exactly what I want them to look like but one of my most memorable trips in my lifetime was my time in Paris so I’d like to have some wall art to remember those days. I am so excited about getting our new couch delivered in a few weeks so that I can organize the living room to the exact way that I always imagined it would be when we moved here! Gosh….maybe I am nesting! I have so much to do and I’m not stressed about it at all….I just have a strong urge to get it done!

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