Our First Day of Christmas

Yesterday was our first Christmas get together of the year and I think it went off without a hitch. Mike and I hosted the annual Johnson Christmas dinner and I’ve got to admit that in the morning I had thoughts of “what was I thinking being 34 weeks pregnant and hosting a big dinner” but….it actually went really smooth and everything was fantastic; I have no regrets!

The day started out on the right foot because for the first time in months Mike and I actually slept in until nearly 10 a.m. When we got up we both got straight to work on preparations for the day with me beginning the work on the food and Mike helping out around the house! By 12:30 the turkey was stuffed and in the oven and most of the food was ready to go. Jacob came home from Nana and Papa’s around this time but went straight down for a nap and slept until 4 p.m. which gave Mike and I plenty of time to get furniture moved around and the living room cleaned and ready to go for the party that night! When everyone arrived at 430 the house was sparkling, Christmas music was playing, and the food smelled so good! We all socialized and caught up with each others lives before sitting down to dinner around 545 p.m. If I could brag a bit about dinner, I think I’d say that my stuffing, gravy and turkey turned out TOTALLY AWESOME this year…..even Mike commented that it was my best turkey ever! We got a pretty big turkey so we have plenty of leftovers for sandwiches or making a soup!

Jacob was pretty excited leading up to the “big party at his house” and his excitement didn’t stop just there! When his nan gave him a treat bag he was just over the moon about it and he was even more excited to see his cousin Dianna! After dinner we all relaxed for a bit an then the children opened presents! Jacob just loved the idea of opening presents and really got into it this year…it was so exciting to see! All of the excitement got me so excited about our own Christmas and watching Jacob open some of the presents we picked out for him! Gosh I just can’t wait! After some chatter, pecan and pumpkin pie, and more chatter the night wrapped up and everyone was gone by 11:15pm! Mike and I sat around watching an episode of Criminal Minds we had recorded and just spent a bit of alone time together…we’d both been working hard all day and it paid off….it was a great night overall.

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