Out With The Old…

I loved my old Christmas tree because it was large, beautiful, majestic even and I have had it for 5-6 wonderful years as my companion during the holidays. The tree was purchased at Costco when it was on sale for a totally awesome price making the tree seem even more perfect. Every Christmas we’ve been hauling out this huge 7.5 foot Christmas tree and finding space to have it around and every Christmas I remember why I love it so much…because of how big and beautiful it is when it’s lights are sparkling. This year we’ve moved to a bigger place with 10 foot cielings and I was so psyched to pull out my fabulous Christmas tree and get it set up but I was very disapointed when Mike hauled it out and we discovered just how much space it was going to take up in our larger but differently shaped living room. The tree was just too massive, too majestic, too large for our tastes in this new place and to add only more fuel to the fire the pre-lit lights had burned out and would need to be replaced. For a moment I wanted to cry because I wanted MY tree to be in my new living room and I wanted my whole 4 person family to experience that tree next year but sadly it is not to be. After some thought we decided we would replace the Christmas tree for a beautiful but smaller Christmas tree and so off to Canadian Tire we went in search of the perfect tree for our new place and our new family. I didn’t realize how expensive Christmas tree’s are these days….but after some thought we settled on a Noma 6.5 foot self forming tree whose diameter was a mere 49 inches – our old tree was 61 inches in diameter….at least. There were moments throughout the evening where we contemplated a real Christmas Tree but my allergies to the vast majority of Christmas Trees prevented us from taking the plunge….I seriously considered suffering with the allergy symptoms for the sake of a nice new tree but then I thought this year is not the right year since I am unable to take any reliable form of allergy medication while pregnant.

Our new tree is different but it has more of a home feel now rather then that majestic feeling of the old tree…but feelings of home are a good thing. The tree stands in our window now, without decorations until tomorrow but it is the perfect tree for our family…it is charming and reminds us that the glory and majesty of our old large tree is not what Christmas is all about…the true meaning of Christmas is about the glory and majesty of Christ and His birth, and to that no tree can compare.

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  1. Glad you found a tree that fits your new place better. May it be there for many more wonderful memories over the next few years.

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