Packing a Hospital Bag?!

I never did labour and delivery the right way with Jacob if there is actually a right way to do things. I sat stunned in my 35.5 week appointment when the doctor said it was time to deliver the baby by induction. I was in a state of shock when he said go home and get your bags and we’ll see you back at the hospital in an hour and a half. Huh? Get my bags? What bags? I did not have any “bags” yet, in fact I did have SOME bags…about 40 of them sitting on my living room floor filled with presents from my baby shower that was just 2 days prior….but bags for the hospital were not to be found. I remember the car ride home as vividly as I remember the pain from my c-section…thoughts roared through my head as I fixated on this bag I was supposed to pick up. I recall thinking to myself that it shouldn’t be too hard, I mean I’ve been away from home overnight before right? We got into the house and I stared at the walls perplexed about how a baby could be coming home to a crib that was still in the box and clothes that were not washed and somehow I let other people pack the bag for me…things are going to be so different this time around.

I can prepare for this delivery in a way I could not and did not prepare for Jacob’s….January 20th at 1130 am I just need to walk into the hospital and say let’s get this baby out. I can pack my bag knowing that I’m not going to be in the hospital for 24 hours but rather 3-5 days and this time Mike won’t have to make a million trips home for the things I needed but had forgotten, and this time I won’t have a million things in the bag that I had remembered but didn’t need. I can plan for 2-3 pairs of pyjama’s because I remember thinking at the hospital how I just wanted clean pyjama’s…and how great it felt to put on a fresh pair of jammies after my evening shower. Of course, I desperately need pyjama’s because I haven’t gotten any new ones since last Christmas and right now those are too small on my waist – I’d like to get 2 pairs of cotton pull on pants pyjama’s and one night dress…I still have my beautiful comfy house coat my mom got me when I was pregnant with Jacob so I plan to bring that. I’d like it if Mike could make my ipod work before the delivery because I think listening to some calming music while I wait to go into surgery will really help focus me but there’s very little chance that will happen so I am not counting on it. I know I don’t need to pack diaper cream or bath wash or any of that jazz for the baby this time because everything we needed for the baby was available to us with Jacob including diapers so I’m not overly focused on that stuff….I’d like to bring some sleepers and 2-3 outfits so the baby can be nice and snuggly for the couple days that we are in hospital.

What it all boils down to is simplicity…I’d like a very small hospital bag/diaper bag….I really don’t think we all need the big lists that are floating around on the internet…I just want the few items that make me feel clean and comfy. Comfy is where it’s at in terms of recovery so that’s what my goal is all about!

4 thoughts on “Packing a Hospital Bag?!

  1. Have fun packing! I totally agree that the lists out there are way too much. The hospital where I delivered Ani even provided toothbrushes!

  2. I packed a bag but ended up not using anything but M’s going home outfit. I even put on the same clothes I came to the hospital in. I was also in the hospital for 7 days so if I needed anything extra John brought it to me.

    Good luck lady.

    P.S. Did you ever get Jacob’s name crayon?

  3. Yes, those lists are WAY too long! Someone needs to tell them! How exciting your’re at the point of thinking about packing a bag!!

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