Christmas Dinner Preparations

The preparations are under way for our Christmas get together with Mike’s family tomorrow night and as usual we are playing host. Our fridge is packed full of Christmas goodness just waiting to be turned into a marvelous spread of yummy food and today the preparations are under way to make that happen. This morning I took one last trip to the grocery store to get the final items needed and I’m sitting here glancing about the house to see what needs to happen before the guests arrive tomorrow around 4pm! Today I’ve got to do laundry, vacuum the couch and floors, clean up our still cluttered with boxes bedroom, and finish up the Christmas baking! Thankfully Jacob is going to his Nana and Papa’s house for an overnight visit tonight so Mike and I should have plenty of time to get all of these tasks done and our larger dining room table set up!

Once the house is clean and ready to go I’ll start preparing from our long list of food which includes Turkey, Bread and Sausage Stuffing, Mashed Potatoes, Carrots, Corn, Fresh Rolls!! Mike’s father is bringing his traditional Rice Stuffing then Mike’s brother is bringing homemade Pecan Pie! Yum! I believe Mike’s sister is bringing some wine (I don’t drink even when not pregnant, but most of his family does) and his Mom is making a veggie and dip appetizer spread! We’ve got some freshly baked cookies and I’m making a Taco Dip to have around for either before dinner or later in the evening! Yummy!

Mike and I have gotten in the tradition of hosting Christmas dinner for his family and this will be our third year doing it…I’d really like to do something for my family so maybe I’ll have mom, danny and my brother over for a nice Easter Ham dinner! Sounds delightful!

A Quiet Wintery Evening

The snow started to fall before we even got out of bed this morning and I thought that if I wanted to I could let it stress me out or I could go with the flow. We had a lot of errands to do today and early in the snowstorm we managed to get out and do some so that was quite a relief! Mike, who is not an experienced winter storm driver, did a pretty awesome job of keeping our car on the road when people everywhere were swerving and swaying! There is definitely a benefit to shopping during a snow storm….EMPTY shopping malls! Ahhhh it was so sweet to just go into a store without elbow to elbow people, pick out what we wanted and be on our merry way….after paying of course! Once we got home we did a few things around the house while Jacob napped and then enjoyed a nice dinner of chicken pot pie and Caesar salad! Yum-o!

Tonight round one of Christmas baking with Jacob kicked off and we managed to throw together some pretty darn good Shortbread Cookies if you ask me! I personally think the 2.5 dozen that we made turned out AWESOME for a first ever attempt at baking Shortbread…..thanks Connie for all your tips…apparently shortbread can be finicky to bake if not done correctly! When the shortbread was done we moved onto some basic Chocolate Chip Cookies which also turned out delightful and the recipe produced 4.5 dozen cookies! Yikes! Thankfully we’ll be seeing LOTS of family members over the next couple of days and we can hand them out! Tomorrow we are baking sugar cookies with red and green sprinkles and Peanut Butter Temptations….I can’t wait! Once Jacob settled to sleep for the evening I wrapped all of the Christmas gifts except for 2 which I will get to in the morning! I probably would have finished those 2 as well except by the time I got to them I was tired and they are big boxes for my dad that will be more difficult to wrap then anything else we purchased!

For the past 40 minutes I’ve been sitting here on the couch listening to Christmas music and surfing the web! I think I’ll go to bed in a few moments and call it a successful stress free evening on a quiet snowy evening!

Call Me a Liar

This morning I came downstairs and Jacob had unwrapped Sofia’s Christmas presents. I guess he wasn’t that interested in what was under that paper because he left them under the tree unharmed or unopened but the paper was definitely OFF. In my previous blog entry I talked about how happy I was that Jacob hasn’t touched the presents under our tree….well yeah I’m eating my words today.

Christmas Comes to Town

Our Christmas festivities kick off this weekend and despite some of the stress the preparations have delivered, I am stoked! Mike took Friday off from work and we’re going to run around (ok really drive around) and get all of our to-do list done. We have a long list of things to do that includes a trip to Sears Portrait Studio (to pick up our pics), Costco (for a fresh turkey), the grocery store, Zellers and lastly the Card store. I hope that Jacob is in a good mood on Friday because we really need him to co-operate so that we can get all of our errands done! On Friday night I plan to kick off some of the holiday baking that we wanted to do by making the Peanut Butter Temptation Cookies that someone on one of my message board posted, then on Saturday morning I’m making Shortbread Cookies and Jacob and I are going to make some fun Christmas Shaped Sugar Cookies….with sprinkles of course!

On Saturday evening Nana and Papa are taking Jacob downtown to see all the Christmas Lights and the giant Christmas Tree then he’s having a sleepover at their house so Mike and I are going to finish up all the last minute tasks we have to do around the house, bring out our bigger dining room table, do some preparations for Sunday’s dinner and then if we have time….we’re going to go to a late showing of Will Smith’s new movie Seven Pounds….it looks very promising. On Sunday morning if I am feeling up to it (and since its much easier to do without Jacob) we will go to Church and then come right home to start the preparations for the Johnson Family Christmas dinner which is set to happen that evening at our house as has been the tradition for the past few years. After Christmas dinner on Sunday we’ll tidy up and Mike has to work on Monday and Tuesday…so when he’s working I’ll do laundry and try to get some of our presents wrapped……so we can relax on Christmas Eve day when Mike starts his vacation.

Christmas Eve we are off to a quiet night at my dad’s house then back home to start our own Christmas traditions here….a late night snack together, putting out milk and cookies for Santa, opening up new pyjamas, and sitting down as a family to read Twas the Night Before Christmas. Christmas morning I’m so excited to watch Jacob come downstairs and experience Christmas together one last time before his sister arrives…..once our gifts are opened and everyone is dressed we are off to Nana and Papa’s house! I’m not sure if they’ll wait for us to eat breakfast this year but if they do that’s great, if not then we’ll eat a quick breakfast here then head over! I love spending the day at my mom’s house on Christmas day….I hope Jacob grows as fond of it as I have over the years….plus how could I have Christmas without my mom’s stuffing?!?

Gosh, I can’t wait for this all. Like I said…..Christmas is coming to Town and I’m stoked.


I’m really excited about Christmas this year because I feel like Jacob is totally engrossed in all the fun things we’ve been doing and all the wonderful things that are still to come. Last night I spent about forty minutes wrapping some presents and put them under the tree so that I could see how Jacob would react to actual presents being under the tree before Christmas. This morning I heard Jacob get up and head down stairs and then I heard nothing but silence….I quickly nudged Mike and he ran downstairs to see what Jacob was up to or more appropriately to see what Jacob was getting “into”. A few minutes later I joined Mike and Jacob downstairs and Mike said he found Jacob sitting on the floor staring at the Christmas presents. I remember that feeling when I was a kid…the wonder and amazement and the hope that there was something fantastic and exciting underneath the wrapped paper. I can’t wait for him to come down to the tree on Christmas morning when the presents are actually for him! So far he’s done a good job of leaving those presents alone because Mike and I just told him who they were for and how exciting it would be when they come to open them. I can’t wait for Christmas morning….

In other news my stock of Christmas wrapping paper is finally dwindling after all these years! I purchased a package at Costco years ago and it’s lasted soooo long….I get to go out on Friday and get some new stuff and it will NOT be coming from Costco since I have missed going out every year and getting different colors and patterns!

I Have My Laptop Back!

It only took close to a month but Mike was finally able to get my Acer Laptop working again! I’m not able to recall if I wrote about it here but one day I was on my laptop and got up to go to the bathroom and when I came back it just wasn’t working anymore! I was so sad and thought that I would never be able to use it again but it turned out the hard drive was defective and so we sent it back to Acer in exchange for a new one. The original plan was that Acer would ship out the new hard drive in 2-3 business days but for some reason it took a really long time and didn’t get here until yesterday! When Mike came home from work last night he worked on the laptop all night and this morning I have it back! I am so happy to have all my links back and no offense but Mike’s laptop is old and slow and it was really starting to bug me but I just kept telling myself that something is better then nothing.

33 Weeks Pregnant

Yes, it’s true! I am now 33 weeks pregnant or 5 weeks away from delivery day, or 36 days shy of meeting our little blessing….but whichever way you look at it, i’m definitely getting closer! This week has been a week of what I call “slow down” and it took me a while to realize it but I think my body is finally telling me enough is enough! I’ve been so busy every single weekend and have been wildly attempting to get things done that need to be done pre-Christmas but I’m sad to say it’s coming to the point where I can’t do it all anymore. This past weekend I spent an entire day out and about with Mike and Jacob trying to get most of my Christmas errands done and truth be told…it sucked the life out of me. I developed a bout of insomnia in the past couple of days and I’m unable to sleep comfortably or peacefully at all lately. This morning when I woke up I could feel the baby up in my lungs and I was having a lot of nausea as a result but it all seems settled down now which is probably why I am awake and blogging instead of in my bed snoozing.

This morning I had my 33 week appointment with my OB where all the standard appointment business was completed. As usual my urine was “clean” meaning it didn’t have any protein/sugar that would elude there was a problem…I’ve gained another 2 pounds and my blood pressure was up a tiny bit but nothing to be concerned about (those were the doctor’s words, not mine). We verified the plan with my OB about what would happen if I went into labor before my c-section date and the plan is that we would proceed with a vaginal delivery attempt if that situation should arise….honestly I don’t think he remember’s people’s plans because lately I’ve noticed he’s been saying something different every appointment! Grrr. My next appointment is schedule for December 30th with a colleague of his because he’s going to be on vacation and before that appointment I have a bio-physical profile scheduled…I’ll be having one every week from 35 weeks onwards up until my c-section date to check on the “living conditions” in the womb as my doctor puts it.

I finally bit the bullet and bought the diaper bag I wanted and I feel pretty good about the situation because I saw another mommy with it at the OB’s office and I love the sleek design and the fact that its not huge….one thing I regret doing with Jacob was carrying around so much unnecessary crap; I definitely plan not to do that this time around. The next thing Mike and I need to look at are Baby Monitors since we gave our old one to my mom for her house when Jacob sleeps over and we’d like to leave it there….we need one with better reception for our new place anyways so we’ve got to research which one we want this time around. This weekend (Friday probably) Mike and I are going to Home Depot to pick up the paint we picked out for baby girl’s bedroom and I think the plan is to paint her room the weekend after Christmas….we’ll see when my mom has time since she’s helping out and she’s REALLY good at painting, and fast too! This week when we were out and about Mom picked up the curtains I wanted for the baby’s room so now i’m on the hunt for a cute light colored (preferably white) curtain rod to go with them! I think I’ll get Mike to build the baby’s change table/dresser some time soon so that it’s done and we don’t need to think about it. I need to get out to Ikea to get some picture frames that I want for the baby’s room that are white and then once we get the letters for her wall (I think Mom is getting these, but I’m not sure) I think we’ll be good! We have the white toy stand from Ikea that we had in Jacob’s room and changed the color of the bins to white, pink and green (Thanks Vero for that Idea), the white dresser and change table combo, and then the crib that Jacob used which is a maple color and doesn’t match but eventually we’ll have a white twin bed in that room so we’ll just put up with the non-matching piece of furniture for now! I’d like to find a small white bookshelf to put in the room so that I can put some baskets on one shelf and books on the other but so far nothing has jumped out at me.

Christmas is so soon and I still have a lot to do (that’s another post for another time) so I’m trying to get it all done and relax next week! My stomach is GROWING too much if you ask me and I’m way tired but what else can you do when you’re 33 weeks pregnant during the busiest time of the year! Here’s to another good week down, and hopefully another good week to come.

Calendar Woes

I’m so peeved it’s not even funny! I’ve been working on a calendar for my mom and her husband for the past 2 days and it’s been a very slow slow process. First I couldn’t get started when I wanted to (2 weeks ago) because we had computer problems and coudn’t access all our stored photos….then we were without real internet for a few days during our move. When we finally were able to get to it 2 days ago the connection speed was soo slow that it was taking forever to upload one picture to the website where we were purchasing our calendar. UGGG! I needed to add just 2 more pictures and was planning on doing it tonight but of course BLACKS PHOTOGRAPHY’S WEBSITE IS DOWN! I’m so mad and frustrated… it won’t be ready by Christmas and I’m not willing to get one of the crappier versions from Walmart so mom if you’re reading this….Merry Christmas from Jacob….you’re getting a Calendar it’s just not going to be ready by Christmas.

Punishment After a Productive Day….

I had a really productive day today in terms of getting ready for Christmas which is just 12 days away! What? Isn’t that totally crazy? I feel like Christmas totally snuck up on me this year! We had to get our Christmas shopping done and we needed to do it ASAP because its really getting harder and harder for me to walk around for long periods at a time. I think I did pretty good today and we spent about 8 hours on the go! I was able to get almost all of my Christmas shopping done and now I’m just after stocking stuffers for my mom’s stocking. We have cut back A LOT this year and it feels really good, I hope nobody is disappointed by that. After spendingn all that time walking around the mall and stores I got home to giant swollen ankles but that seems to be settling after some rest on the couch with my feet up and several large glasses of water!

Tomorrow I hope to have an equally productive day by cleaning up around the house, unpacking a few boxes, doing 2 loads of laundry and taking Jacob to a children’s christmas party we are invited to. I think tomorrow night we should finish decorating around the house, have a nice dinner and finalize our grocery list for Christmas! If I can find some time tomorrow I might start wrapping presents but I’m not sure if I’ll be able to find the time to do so….bummer! It’s hard to believe that Christmas is so close…I know I already said that but I’m really quite shocked! After Christmas I’d like to enjoy the celebration of the New Year with our itsy bitsy family before it comes an itsty bitsy bit bigger!

Did you know I am having a baby in no more then 38 days?