I’m really excited about Christmas this year because I feel like Jacob is totally engrossed in all the fun things we’ve been doing and all the wonderful things that are still to come. Last night I spent about forty minutes wrapping some presents and put them under the tree so that I could see how Jacob would react to actual presents being under the tree before Christmas. This morning I heard Jacob get up and head down stairs and then I heard nothing but silence….I quickly nudged Mike and he ran downstairs to see what Jacob was up to or more appropriately to see what Jacob was getting “into”. A few minutes later I joined Mike and Jacob downstairs and Mike said he found Jacob sitting on the floor staring at the Christmas presents. I remember that feeling when I was a kid…the wonder and amazement and the hope that there was something fantastic and exciting underneath the wrapped paper. I can’t wait for him to come down to the tree on Christmas morning when the presents are actually for him! So far he’s done a good job of leaving those presents alone because Mike and I just told him who they were for and how exciting it would be when they come to open them. I can’t wait for Christmas morning….

In other news my stock of Christmas wrapping paper is finally dwindling after all these years! I purchased a package at Costco years ago and it’s lasted soooo long….I get to go out on Friday and get some new stuff and it will NOT be coming from Costco since I have missed going out every year and getting different colors and patterns!

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