Punishment After a Productive Day….

I had a really productive day today in terms of getting ready for Christmas which is just 12 days away! What? Isn’t that totally crazy? I feel like Christmas totally snuck up on me this year! We had to get our Christmas shopping done and we needed to do it ASAP because its really getting harder and harder for me to walk around for long periods at a time. I think I did pretty good today and we spent about 8 hours on the go! I was able to get almost all of my Christmas shopping done and now I’m just after stocking stuffers for my mom’s stocking. We have cut back A LOT this year and it feels really good, I hope nobody is disappointed by that. After spendingn all that time walking around the mall and stores I got home to giant swollen ankles but that seems to be settling after some rest on the couch with my feet up and several large glasses of water!

Tomorrow I hope to have an equally productive day by cleaning up around the house, unpacking a few boxes, doing 2 loads of laundry and taking Jacob to a children’s christmas party we are invited to. I think tomorrow night we should finish decorating around the house, have a nice dinner and finalize our grocery list for Christmas! If I can find some time tomorrow I might start wrapping presents but I’m not sure if I’ll be able to find the time to do so….bummer! It’s hard to believe that Christmas is so close…I know I already said that but I’m really quite shocked! After Christmas I’d like to enjoy the celebration of the New Year with our itsy bitsy family before it comes an itsty bitsy bit bigger!

Did you know I am having a baby in no more then 38 days?

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