To-Do List Thursday!

I’ve decided to start examining my list of things to do as the delivery of the baby approaches! Today it feels likeI have a million things to do but I’ll start with this…

Finish Unpacking Living Room
Set up Christmas Tree and Decorate the House
Paint the Chair Rail for Jacob’s Bedroom (Mom says she’s doing this on Saturday – Thanks Mom!)
Install the Chair Rail in Jacob’s Bedroom (Danny and Mike will do this together, not sure when)
Finish Christmas Shopping
Wrap Christmas Presents
Paint and Install Chair Rail in the Baby’s Bedroom
Put together Bassinette for our Bedroom
Make a list of needed items for Baby
Go through Jacob’s clothing bins and consign what is possible – donate or throw out remaining items.
Book a Christmas Portrait Session for Jacob
Put together Crib and Change Table in Baby’s Room

I think that’s a good start….I know there is a ton more to do but let’s start with that!!

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