Twas the night before Christmas….

We’ve had a pretty busy day overall so there is not much time left to write today, however I wanted to give a little update about what was going here for us. We had a great night tonight at my Dad’s house where Jacob was treated to several really awesome presents including a new sled, the wonder pets trio, a remote control fire truck, three puzzles, and playdoh! I was really happy about the gifts I got for my dad but I could tell right away that he wasn’t that fond of the dishes we picked out so I offered to return them and get a different set and he took us up on the effort…I feel so bummed because I try so hard to get people the right presents and it irks me when I screw up…All in all we had a great dinner and spent good time with Grandpa before coming home and opening up our new jammies and leaving milk and cookies for Santa Claus!







Merry Christmas to each and everyone of our friends and family members!

Love Jacob, Michael and Melissa

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