Weekend Goals…

I’ve been laying pretty low the last couple of days just trying to relax because I’ve been having a lot of braxton hicks contractions and I’ve had a couple today but I think I am going to set a few goals for what needs to get done this weekend. We have a few obligations this weekend including a skating lesson, Santa Experience, and Jacob’s portrait session tomorrow but other then that I’d like to get a few things done around the house.

I’d like to get started on the decorations for Christmas including the tree and the lights outside of our house – so in order to get those two things accomplished I first need Mike to pull the tree out of storage and then I need him to set it up. Yesterday Mike promised me he’d put the lights up outside of the house so I think I’ll ask him to do that while Jacob naps today. I’d also like to make a grocery list for our big Christmas shop so that we don’t buy too much stuff that we don’t need. Lastly, I’d like to unpack a few more boxes around the house but more specifically I’d like to get our own bedroom finished since it’s been neglected over the past couple of days and I dont’ want it to get all disorganized!

If I can get those things started this week then I think next week Mike and I can start tackling the boxes that are in the storage room and I can start going through Jacob’s old clothes to see what’s consignable and what is not. Next weekend we have a holiday christmas party to attend and I need to finish my Christmas shopping….of course if my MOTHER would just give me some darn ideas for Christmas presents it would all go a lot easier.

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