What Do You Need?

A few people have asked recently what we need for the baby because they wanted to get us gifts for the new baby and I’ve been trying to go through what we do have so that I can offer a good list of ideas but its really hard! What I do know is that we do NOT need the following:

Clothes – Size 0-3 (Between my mother and I we really stocked up on these when we were at Carters)
Receiving Blankets – I bought a couple new ones and we had some unopened from Jacob
Crib Sheets
We do not need any of the big equipment since we’ve saved it all from when Jacob was little or we’ve already received it as gifts from other people.(i.e Exersaucer, Highchair, Stroller, Car Seat, Basinette).

So I guess if I had to make a list of what we do need I would say:

Clothes – size 3-6 Months for spring and 6-12 months for summer
Bottles – We are giving the Dr. Brown’s Bottles a go this time.
Diapers – size 1 or 2 ( we are using either swaddlers or kirkland brand)
Dishwasher Rack for Nipples and Bottles

I can’t think about anything else right now because I’m not very good at coming up with ideas for gifts and truthfully nobody needs to buy us a darn thing….everyone has been so generous in our lives as it is and we definitely are in a good position with this baby….

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  1. Gift cards for the drug store are always good. That way when something comes up, which it will, you can use the gift card to get it.

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