What’s Going to Work?…Teamwork!

The past few days there’s been a familial effort in our attempts to work on the baby’s nursery before she arrives!  Unfortunately due to crappy lighting and lack of sunlight into the bedroom we haven’t been able to snatch any decent pictures but I think its coming along beautifully!  First Danny came in and drew the line we needed at 40 inches to seperate the room so that each of the colors could be painted!  Mike spent an hour the next day taping all the walls and edges so that Mom could come in and paint on Monday!  Over the course of Monday and Tuesday Mom came and put two coats of each color (green and pink) on the wall and last night Mike spent hours working on building our new change table!

Here’s a picture of the walls in progress….the green is much more vivid in real life but the lighting in the room makes it hard to get a good picture of it.


We’ve decided to go with primarily white furniture in the baby’s room (except Jacob’s old crib which will be the maple color…..we figure we’ll eventually get her a white bed frame)….Here’s a shot of the change table and dresser combo that mike worked so hard to put together!


We have this TROFAST storage system from Ikea that we had in Jacob’s room but decided to pull out for baby girl’s room and we’ve changed the blue bins to pink, green, and white ones…so we’ll use that for her toy storage!

Lastly I think I’ve found the book case that I want to add into her room to put some trinkets, baskets for storage, and of course her books since we are book lovers!

Tonight Mike is going to paint the chair rail that we purchased white and then tomorrow Mike and Danny are going to come over and put it all up and once that’s done we can start building furniture and finding homes for everything in her room!

As a reminder here is the bedding we picked out for her….

We’ve got a cute lamp, decorative pillow, wall hanging, and white picture frames to go with the room also and some pink curtains with green gingham trim! I think everything is going to look super wonderful when it’s all done!

Thanks to everyone for their hard work!

2 thoughts on “What’s Going to Work?…Teamwork!

  1. The Ikea Cubby is great except when your little one starts walking… then they are just stairs for them to climb.

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