White Christmas

It looks like we are definitely in for a very white Christmas which is a nice change from the past few years. I can’t remember the last time we had a city full of the cold white stuff on Christmas morning and I think its just perfect. Last weekend while Mike and I attempted to finish our Christmas shopping our city had A LOT of snow dumped on it’s naked ground over the course of a 48 hour period. There was a huge storm last Friday which was followed just a day later by another snow storm and at that point we were almost certain that we’d end up with a white Christmas but just in case we ever doubted it we welcomed a third snow storm tonight.

It’s the night before the eve of Christmas and Mike and I ventured out (without Jacob) to fetch a few stocking stuffer’s that were needed and some odds and ends that we needed around the house. It seems every time we go out and about lately we are greeted by a frigid, windy, snow storm! So it was another evening of cautious driving around the City to get to Walmart only to be disappointed. I am not sure what I was expecting just a day before Christmas but I didn’t expect that Walmart’s shelves would be near empty! We couldn’t even get the brand of deodorant or shampoo that we were looking for! Everything was gone! After about 30 minutes in the store we decided we’d just leave and go to Zellers hoping to find the things we were unable to locate at Walmart but again we were not greeted with much selection! In the end we were able to get a few odds and ends for the stockings and I guess that will have to do because there is no more time left and I promised myself I wasn’t getting stressed out about Christmas this year! Mission accomplished.

When we were done shopping we drove back to mom’s house to pick up Jacob and by the time I got there i just wanted to crash on her couch for a nap! I was so tired from walking around the store’s packed full of people an the pressure on my pelvis was really getting to me! We didn’t stay long though and when I got home I wanted to relax in bed but here I am blogging because I have yet another bout of insomnia! Geeze! Could I just have one decent nights sleep? I guess asking for a good nights sleep AND a White Christmas was too much! I’ll settle on the White Christmas though…it’s worth it.

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