36 Weeks Pregnant

Holy Crap! I’m 36 weeks pregnant which means that in 2 days I’ll be more pregnant then I’ve ever been! It seemed that the first 32 weeks of pregnancy went by in a whiz and now the last few weeks are just slowly passing by. Today is the 5th of January so that means that the baby will be making her appearance at some point in the next 15 days either on the 20th via C-section or earlier of her own free will! Things have been coming along very as we prepare for the baby’s arrival as you can tell by other blog posts here at www.mamamelissa.com and I’m totally feeling like this place might actually be in order before the baby arrives….ha! Just in time for it all to fall apart after she’s here right?

All of a sudden I am getting the typical end of pregnancy questions and perhaps the most popular is “how are you feeling?”. The truth is that I’m feeling pretty good overall….I mean it’s very obvious that my body is tired of being pregnant because I’m highly uncomfortable at this point….but I always figure it could be worse. I started last week with the sore hips but I actually feel it’s a case of sciatica since the pain is particularly painful on the left side and spreads down the back of my left leg. Perhaps the most recent development is the intense pelvic pressure/pain that started this week that primarily bothers me in the evenings; there are some nights I’d like to lay on the couch with an ice pack on my cootch! Ha! I’m having a bit of nausea overall and I’m far more irritable these days but I think it’s just a lack of sleep that is making me cranky….it sure takes a lot of effort just to roll over in bed at night! I’ve been going to the bathroom like crazy and just the other night i bent over to pick something up and nearly peed my pants! How fun is pregnancy?! Seriously I’m not complaining about any of this because I know its just par for the course and I feel blessed to have this baby in our lives.

Tomorrow I have my 36 week appointment and second biophysical profile ultrasound of this pregnancy and we’re hoping to have the same result as last week with a perfect score that lets us go home for another week…I will of course update when I can! I’m really sad that Mike is going back to work today because it’s been so great having him home but I know he’d chose to stay home with us if he could! We need to save up as much time off for him as we can for after the baby is born! I’m trying to think of some fun things that Jacob and I can do this week but I’m not sure what since it’s not so fun to go out and about by myself with him anymore…..

So that’s it folks…nothing special happening here! It’s just been another boring week in pregnancy! 2 more weeks to go!

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