A New Focus…

With the birth of our second child approaching in 19 days I have to share some news about my blog that I feel is pretty momentous for me and for my family.  As we all know the western world is faced with an obesity epidemic and while I’ve spoken about my need to lose weight before I’ve never been so bold as to say I desperately need to get myself out of the epidemic.  A lot of my anxiety abuot my upcoming c-section has to do with the fear that my body is not sufficient to survive surgery and throughout the past couple of months I’ve really paid attention to the feelings of my heart.  The thing is this…I really want to live for a really long time and while I am in overall good health now, this might not be the case 10 years from now.  Jacob eats perfectly healthy and I am proud that I have taught him these eating habits and I want to continue this trend for our WHOLE family…..so that we can all live a really long time together.

So my blog will always continue to be about my life as a mother and about the family I am ever so proud of…but I am asking you to join me as I work through this struggle with my weight and my goal to lose 75 pounds in the year 2009….it is a good starting point for me.  I know there will be struggles but I am asking you readers of my blog to be my support, my encouragers, and my cheerleaders so to speak.  I need to do this for myself, for my children, for my life….because its important to me.

Will you join me?

6 thoughts on “A New Focus…

  1. I will absolutely be a cheerleader for you! 75 pounds would be a good starting point for me to lose, too. Perhaps I will join you for that goal.

  2. I’m planning to lose some weight this year as well, though I haven’t set a numerical goal yet. Mostly I want to get healthier, which includes dropping a few pounds of fat from my body.

  3. Well Melissa, I’ve been worried about the same thing!! I think I have to work with smaller goals and shorter time frames, but overall for 2009 I need to do the same 75 pounds! So we’ll chat about a plan!!

  4. Girl I know you can do this!! If you wanna chat about your journey at any time you know where to find me 🙂

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