A Small Hiccup: Appointment Update

I think today was the day the universe reminded me that things don’t always go according to your perfect plan…a reminder so to speak that sometimes when you least expect it something can be thrown in your direction that takes you off your current path for a moment and invites you to think of the other possibilities in the situation. I’ve been calling this pregnancy the perfect pregnancy because aside from the horrible morning sickness ( all day sickness) of the first 17 weeks or so I have felt relatively positive, good, and overall upbeat this entire pregnancy. Unlike Jacob’s pregnancy there have been no trips to labor and delivery, no unexpected doctor’s appointments, no extra calls to the doctor to check in about something that was happening….it’s all been rather dull; just the way we anticipated it would be.

Yesterday marked my second bio-physical profile ultrasound of this pregnancy and I’ve been relieved that my appointments were all scheduled for quite early in the morning. I really am not the kind of person who enjoys getting to an ultrasound lab or doctor’s appointment when they have fallen behind and you have to wait for what seems like forever. Last week we were in and out of that ultrasound in 20 minutes…fabulous. Yesterday we waited an hour just to get called into the ultrasound and then when the ultrasound was done (20 Minutes later) we had to get the results and waited another 30-40 minutes – it sucked. I was quite relieved however, to learn that the baby scored another 8 out of 8 on the bio-physical profile and left the ultrasound lab for my doctor’s appointment with the assurance I needed to feel confident all was well.

It was nice and quiet in the OB’s office and I felt calm an reassured that we’d be in and out in no time and on our way home. I did the usual pee on a stick (all good) and then waited about 5 minutes before I was called in by the doctor. We started with my blood pressure like we always do and immediately he had a perplexed look on his face….”hmmm” he said “your blood pressure is up to about 130/100” and then he proceeded to look at my chart at bit and ask me a bunch of questions that went something like this: “Have you had any blurred vision? NO. Have you had any swelling in your feet or face? NO. Have you had any headaches? NO.” I remarked to him at this point that I’ve only been experiencing some nausea and heartburn but aside from that everything else was doing remarkably well. After feeling around my stomach for the baby’s position, glancing at the chart a bit more, and reviewing the plan for the c-section on January 20th he asking me to lay on my left side for a while and reflected that he’d be back in ten minutes to do the blood pressure again. So I laid down chatting with Mike until the doctor returned, redid my blood pressure and reflected that it was still high at 130/95. Fab. Mike and I both looked at each other because we remembered that the doctor had said that at any sign of trouble in either the baby or me the doctor would send me over for a c-section…I was not ready for that and I was actually willing to fight him a bit on it if he suggested it but he did not….whew. Instead, the doctor sent us over to the other side of the hospital to have some blood work done on my liver enzymes (AST/ALT), Creatanine, Uric Acid, CBC’s, and to do another 2 urine tests which I did and am now awaiting the results. The directions from the doctor were to go home, take it easy and he’d call if any of the results were off but otherwise he’d see me next week. I’m relieved that he didn’t just jump to conclusions and I am really hoping that the high blood pressure that day was just a fluke incident and that all the tests will come back normal and we’ll be at our 37 week appointment next Tuesday. Oh and of course I forgot to mention that I had that fabulous group B strep test done just in case I go into labor on my own before the c-section. Joy.

For now, I have taken up camp on our couch and I’m trying to get as much rest as possible, whenever I can. I have to say that the nesting urges I am experiencing are making that quite difficult since Mike is not very good at being the organized one and the clutter that is already accumulating in my once spotless living room is already starting to bug me. Last night I did spend about 15 minutes gathering some items for the baby bag…mostly her coming home outfit, a few sleepers for the hospital, etc. We had a two pack of Doctor Brown’s bottles we had picked up a while back when they were on sale so I asked Mike to wash them and sterilize the nipples as well as a few pacifiers so despite the fact that I felt unwell last night and rested as much as possible we were still able to take a few steps in the right direction.

I am praying that the phone doesn’t ring today or tomorrow with my OB’s number flashing because I want good news. I feel good about it though….I’m positive I’m not getting preeclampsia but that it was a total off day and that all is well. Send me some positive vibes because I really don’t want any early interventions! I said it before but I’m aiming for an over 8 pounder this time! A full term, healthy non NICU baby! I think we can do it!

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