Another List!

We’ve managed to knock a lot of our to-do list down this past week and I’m really super excited about that! There is not a whole lot more to do around here before the baby comes so here is my list for the next week.

Hang Light Fixture in Baby’s Room
Sand putty from Chair Rail in Baby and Jacob’s room, Paint.
Touch up the Dark Paint in Jacob’s room
Purchase and hang a lower shelf/rod in the baby’s closet
Bring over the swing and pack & play from Mom’s House – Set Up
Find space in kitchen to store bottles, breast milk storage, etc.
Pack hospital bag
Vaccuum stairs, hallways, bedrooms, Living Room
Clean Bathrooms
Laundry, Laundry, Laundry
Organize Walk In Closet in Master Bedroom

Once all of that is done I’ll be able to review and see what else needs to be done before the baby’s arrival! Think I can get it all done in 2 weeks?

Next weekend I’m hoping to make a trip to Walmart to pick up the following list of items we need around the house before the baby comes:

Johnson and Johnson Bath Wash – Bedtime (Lavender)
Aveeno Diaper Rash Cream
Johnson and Johnson Breast Pads
Lansinoh Breast Cream
Baby Dove Soap Bars
Infant Tylenol or Tempra
Enfamil A+ Formula – Ready to Serve (4 Pack) (Just in Case…hopefully we can return it!)
Baby Gas Drops

I’m really very eager to get both of these lists accomplished so I’m hoping to actually knock some stuff off the list today!

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