Batteries, Batteries, Batteries

Since Christmas has come and gone we have quickly realized that so many gifts that Jacob has received require batteries and it’s kind of annoying. The hope would be that all of the toys would need the same battery style and we could rush off to Costco and pick up a large pack to have on hand but of course that’s not the way it works out ever now is it? In addition to the toys for Jacob we have some baby items that use batteries too like the bouncy chair, swing, bassinet, pack and play and do you think they all take the same battery type? NO! We currently need AAA, AA, 9V, C, and D batteries!! I am so frustrated by all of this and it reminds me why I prefer the easy joy of wooden toys! There is instant satisfaction with a toy that you open and can play with and enjoy right away. It’s hard to watch the disappointment as a young child opens a new toy, gets excited and then discovers all too late that the toy needs batteries that are of course…..not included. I am thinking of avoiding the batteries in the bassinet and pack and play and I wonder why its so hard to include a wall plug for the swing? I mean it doesn’t seem like such a brilliant idea to me to have a swing use batteries anyways unless of course fisher price has some sort of link with Duracell or energizer!

One thought on “Batteries, Batteries, Batteries

  1. When buying a kid a toy that requires batteries I like to give batteries for it at the same time. Though to be honest I prefer giving toys that don’t require batteries in the first place.

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