Mike and Me Time

Over the past 2 weeks Mike and I have enjoyed some one on one time either after Jacob has gone to bed or when generous family members have agreed to babysit. The one thing I appreciate about the relationship between Mike and I is that we are able to recognize that we have to continue doing some of the things we enjoyed doing before we had children in our lives. I really believe that its important for us to continue with the interests and activities that we did pre-Jacob so that we are still doing things to strengthen our relationship. Just last week we went to dinner and a movie and it was really a nice evening out together….I love that we can have night’s out that are not focused on Jacob or pregnancy talk – even though those subjects did come up they didn’t dominate the evening. Twice in the past few weeks we’ve snuggled on the couch and watched movies together after Jacob had gone to bed and recently we’ve even been doing household tasks together.

The one thing that is our most important value is doing good quality family activities together but we also recognize that it’s imperative for us to keep our relationship strong! I totally believe that if we can present as a strong loving relationship to our children they will hopefully pick up on our values and adapt them for themselves. I hope that as the second baby arrives Mike and I are able to continue finding time for each other…of course it’s harder to find a baby sitter for 2 children then it is for 1.

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  1. Good for you guys! I totally agree. Couple time is super important. I know too many people who had the kids grow up and then realized they didn’t know each other at all.

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