My Bag Is Packed!

I spent some time tonight getting my hospital bag packed since it’s just 14 days tomorrow until our c-section. I tried not to go to crazy with unnecessary things and feel I did a good job! Here is what I’ve added:

2 Pairs of Pajamas’s
1 Tank Top (I get hot easily)
1 Pair of Yoga Pants
1 T-Shirt
1 Housecoat
3 Pairs of Socks
3 Pairs of Underwear
2 Nursing Bra’s
8 Maxi Pads – Thin
8 Breast Pads
Towel and Wash Cloth
Small Bag Containing – Shampoo, Conditioner, Lotion, Deodorant, Tooth Brush, Hair Elastics
Bar of Soap

I need to purchase to add in:

New Pair of Slippers
Tooth Paste
Thicker Maxi Pads

To add in before we leave:

Flip Video Camera
IPod Touch
Hair Brush
1 Outfit to Wear Home
2 Pillows (1 for me, 1 for Mike)
Wallet with Insurance Card, Health Card, Money

I think overall I did a very good job at keeping it quite simple…sometimes when I see the list of things people have packed for the hospital it makes me so overwhelmed but for me I just try to remember that family will be coming and going from home to hospital so if I really need something I’m sure they can pick it up for me!

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