Sweet Nursery Touches

I admit that our energy has dwindled over the last little while so we are still slowly working on getting the nursery completed. I’ve purchased some wicker baskets and canvas bins for her room and am now on the hunt to find just ONE more sage canvas bin because it turns out they are being discontinued by babies R us! You might recall me writing about the arm chair that we wanted for the bedroom that was also discontinued at babies R us…well I guess it popped up online one day and my mom ordered it for us! Imagine my surprise when the post man rang our door bell with this huge package…..it looks perfect in the bedroom!

I’ve spent the last little while getting her clothes folded and into drawers as well as working on making sure the room was stocked with diapers, wipes, baby products, etc. I think the room is turning out to be quite quaint and I can’t wait until we start hanging some things on the walls! I’m especially excited about picking a name and getting wall letters to hang over her crib…I think it will be the perfect finishing touch!

This is the left side of her closet….in the pink and white canvas bin are various things for later such as sippy cups and hand print kits.


The right side of her closet….in the sage and white canvas bin are extra blankets.


The new pink and green arm chair in the corner!


The bottom drawer of her dresser filled with Newborn, 0-3 and 3-6 month clothing choices on the left and bins filled with hats and swaddle blankets on the right.


Middle drawer filled with sleepers, gowns, and sleep sacks in size newborn and 0-3 months.


Top drawer with newborn and 0-3 month onesies….bins filled with socks, booties, hair pretties and pacifiers.


Book shelf with new wicker basket (pink ribbon) on top shelf and canvas bins on the bottom shelves….still trying to find one more sage bin.


Change table with new covered change pad, wicker basket (sage ribbon) filled with baby products…small hanging picture frame on door.


The inside of the closet – First shelf has bins with bibs and shoes.


Second shelf has change pads, wash cloths and hooded bath towels!


Bottom shelf is stocked with receiving blankets, extra crib sheets, mattress pads, and covers for the change pad on top of the dresser!


6 thoughts on “Sweet Nursery Touches

  1. Wow-o-Wow, it looks fantastic. It really really reminds me of Miabella’s room. Same colors and everything. I can’t wait to see new pics of your baby girl!!!

  2. Wow Melissa, your little bundle is coming soon. The room is absolutely gorgeous! I’m so excited for you and dh.

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