The Dwindling To-Do List

There was no call from my doctor yesterday or today so I am assuming as always that no news is good news and everything is ok with my blood pressure. Over the past two weeks I have knocked things off my to-do list at a pretty awesome and consistent rate which really feels great! Now that I had that one case of high blood pressure at my appointment this week I have had to slow down a lot but slowly I am still getting things accomplished. I managed to get started on packing a bag for the baby yesterday and today I took a good 40 minutes to give my main floor a quick clean. Off the top of my head this is the list of things that still needs to be accomplished…

Finish Packing Baby Bag for Hospital (we won’t have our new diaper bag until after she’s born so we’re just using a bag we have around the house).
Fix Crib Rail – Danny is working on this.
Retrieve and Set Up the Swing and Pack & Play
Clean Master Bathroom (Tub and Shower included) – Mike promised me he’d do this.
Laundry, Laundry, Laundry
Clean and organize our Walk- In Closet in Bedroom
Do an exchange of our Bundle Me at Babies R Us
Finish Jacob’s Big Brother Gift
Pack an overnight bag for Mike

I think tomorrow night Mike and I are going to go out and finish Jacob’s big brother present and then I can pack his overnight bag for the c-section day. After we visit my mom’s house this weekend we’ll be able to retrieve the swing and pack & play that is stored there and we’ll set them up in our living room area (the spaces are all ready cleared and ready for them). Laundry is a never ending process but I think if Mike and I work together we can get it done…..and I am hoping that at some point this weekend Mike will clean the bathroom as promised!

Slowly but surely things are getting done and it makes me feel very content.

3 thoughts on “The Dwindling To-Do List

  1. One Day it will end Mom, because i will just give up and say it’s not getting done!

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