The Penis Pocket

Toddlers say the funniest things. Just yesterday Jacob and I were sitting around downstairs and he was wearing big boy undies. I glanced over at him and noticed him fiddling with the “pocket” at the front of the underwear and then he looks up at me and says….

Mommy these underpants have a penis pocket!!

I burst out laughing because I just couldn’t help it and responded that yes they did have a penis pocket! Jacob then asked Mommy do your underpants have a penis pocket? I laughed lightly again and then responded that no Mommy’s underpants don’t have a penis pocket because Mommy doesn’t have a penis. “Oh” Jacob kind of muttered and then looked up and said “I bet Daddy’s underpants have a penis pocket” and I assured him that they did.

Gosh there’s never a dull day in our lives…ever.

2 thoughts on “The Penis Pocket

  1. Reading this just made my day. I love some of the things that little kids come up with.

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