The Sweetest Big Brother

Obviously it’s no secret to any of you bloggy people that we’ve been setting up our daughter’s room this past week in anticipation of her homecoming but what I haven’t shared has been Jacob’s reaction to it all. I was really worried about putting the crib up since it’s only been about a month since Jacob has not had his crib (converted to a toddler bed). I thought he might try to say that it was his crib and that he’d be confused about why we were giving it to the baby but as it turns out I don’t even think he realizes it was once his – he just simply associates it as the baby’s bed. A few nights ago after Mike and Danny set up the crib, my mother and I put all the bedding on it, including the mobile and a small decorative pillow and the sweetest thing happened…Jacob brought over a small peanut baby that we had and tucked it into the bed and then disappeared. My mom and I thought it was so sweet but it got only sweeter after that when he came back with his pacifier from his bed (we only use it at night time now) and offered it to the sleeping doll. Imagine our surprise when he started singing lullaby’s to the baby and telling it to “go to sleep little baby”…he did this all in a soft whisper and instantaneously my heart melted – so did my Mother’s I’m certain.

I keep trying to imagine what it’s going to be like for Jacob when the baby comes home with us and from what I’ve gathered (based on other people’s experiences) it’s really not very predictable. If i had to go with Jacob’s usual personality and the overall way that he adapts to change I’d say it’s going to not be so horrible for him. Jacob has always had this wonderful way of just adapting to the change thrown in his direction without even blinking his eyes…I truthfully believe that this is part our parenting decisions leading up to those changes but also part personality – for the most part I find him to be a carefree, curious, go with the flow kind of kid. In the pit of my stomach I believe that no matter how much we’ve tried to prepare Jacob for the arrival of his sister, he really has no clue what it all means. I feel like we’ve done our best to always talk about her and have him involved in setting up her bedroom. The other day I asked Jacob if it was ok for us to bring his baby sister home very soon and he said “silly mama, of course it is she has to sleep in her room”.

I’ve tried to watch Jacob’s interactions with children younger then him recently and what I appreciate about him is that he seems to understand that he has to be gentle with them and mostly he wants to hold their hand or hug them. Whenever he see’s “baby Fia” he never hits her or pushes her or gets angry or irritated with her…I’ve appreciated his kindness towards her and how he just seems to love being around her. I’m eager, excited, and nervous to watch Jacob interact with our new family member and at the same time I’m sad for him…mourning the loss of his only child attention but at the same time recognizing that our family has enough love for one more…even though there are times that it seems like loving another one the same way we love Jacob is impossible.

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