Two Became Three Became Four

Jacob is having a “sleep over party” at his grand parents house tonight and Mike and I are enjoying some alone time together.  We started the night by enjoying dinner at a nice italian restaurant after which we returned home, threw some laundry in then snuggled up on the couch with bowls of peanut butter cup ice cream to enjoy a new TV series we’ve been indulging in called True Blood (on HBO). Tomorrow morning we’re hoping to sleep in and then enjoy a nice breakfast together – maybe we’ll make some hashbrown’s, sausages and eggs if we feel up to it.  In the afternoon/evening we’ll arrange to pick up Jacob (after my pedicure with my mom) and we’ll spend the rest of Saturday and all of Sunday together doing some family activities….I’m thinking Mike and I will make pancakes for breakfast on Sunday morning and then maybe we’ll think of a nice community activity we can do as a family.  The interesting thing about this all is that the next couple days will unfold just how our family life has evolved from just Mike and I (two) then Mike, Jacob and I (three) and then finally on Tuesday morning we start our lives as Mike, Jacob, Baby and I (three).

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