Winter Recreation Time!

This week marked the beginning of the winter recreation activities for Jacob that we registered for back in December. As always Jacob is taking his usual private swim lesson at our local pool but unfortunately this week the class got canceled due to mechanical problems and Jacob was very disappointed. Jacob probably enjoys swimming so much because for as long as he possibly can remember he’s been taking lessons! At 6 months old he started with parent and guardian swim class which he took until he was 2 years old and then at age 2 he switched to the private Tiny Tot swim class and this is his fourth session of those classes. I can’t wait for him to turn 3 years old because that is when he’s going to start semi-private (3 kids per class) preschool swim classes.

In the fall you all might recall that Jacob took his first ever hockey skating lesson and in the beginning he was just not having it but towards the end he was getting use to it and enjoying it a bit more. We really contemplated whether it was the right time for Jacob to be in skating lessons and went back and forth about registering him for Winter lessons….in the end we decided to give it another shot and today is Jacob’s first class! As I blog right now Mike is off at skating lessons with Jacob and Papa and I heard word from Mike that Jacob went right onto the ice with no issues and was quite happy to do so! YAY! I really hope as he gets more exposed to the ice and skating he falls in love with it because I remember really loving my experiences with ice skating as a child! I guess we’ll hear the full report from Mike about how it went when he gets home around 11 am today!

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