Wonder Jacob, Wonder Jacob, He’s On His Way….

“To help a baby sister and save the day!”….

If you know who the Wonder Pets are then you are welcome in my circle of friends at any time. I’ve always hated the way that TV has the capacity to suck in children and adults alike but sadly I confess that despite our hope that Jacob would never get too invested in a particular program on the television he has. I am writing this blog post to confess that our son is a tad bit (read massively) obsessed with a TV program called The Wonder Pets. I am certain there is not a single episode or DVD of the Wonder Pets that Jacob has not seen and he can excitedly recite the entire anthem of the Wonder Pets all while whirling and swirling the plastic fly boat (that he had received for Christmas) around our house. Jacob has perhaps the greatest imagination that I’ve ever seen in a not quite 3 year old and shocks the heck out of me when he uses anything around the house (boxes, lego, hockey sticks, straws…you name it) to build his own make shift fly boat….

Leave it to Nana and Papa to find this while shopping day…..(thankfully it’s a stay at Nana and Papa’s house toy)….but the joy that it has brought him is so much so that it makes my heart swell in excitement for my boy and his fly boat. This is not the best picture of my boy because he’s been just so sick lately….but you get the idea!


One thought on “Wonder Jacob, Wonder Jacob, He’s On His Way….

  1. Awesome boat! We only have two episodes of The Wonder Pets, but Fritz loves them. The songs are surprisingly catchy and not annoying.

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