Earth Hour…

Yesterday marked the second annual global Earth Hour and I’m wondering where you were at that time? I was out and about staying away from my home and away from using electricity but it was obvious that not many people were doing the same. The Dictator was off for a visit with Uncle Jimmy and his “friend” Kara who has a son that was born just two days prior to Jacob. While Mike and I were out and about in our community we received a text message from my brother who informed us that The Dictator was partaking in earth hour by hanging out in a candle lit room – Jacob was sure to tell us all about it when we picked him up later in the evening.

I hope that as my children grow up I’ll be able to share with them the importance of taking care of the universe right alongside the importance of taking care of their own bodies. I really think its important to teach your children to turn out a light as they leave the bathroom or to keep the television turned off when they are not watching it. I have a pretty bad habit of leaving my lap top running during the times when I am not using it and it’s probably time I start teaching by example and shut it down when its not in use. It only takes a few moments to educate your children about protecting the earth – it’s really as simple as showing them where the recycling box or the light switch is. Try it…I’m going to.

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  1. How fun for Jacob! I was tired and went to sleep at 8:45 lol My kids think recycling is super fun (of course here they will only recycle plastic bottles and cans, but at least it’s something).

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