New Books!

Do you have preschoolers? Heck it sounds so incredibly weird to admit that I have a child that is considered preschool age..but I do. This weekend we went out to our local book store and spent about an hour scanning for new books to get The Dictator. It was definitely time to get some new school aged literature into our house because Jacob pretty much had all of his books memorized! I’d like to highly recommend this series of books for your preschooler if you don’t have them already – If You Give a Mouse a Cookie!

I just love this story and Jacob does too! We also picked up: If You Take a Mouse to School, If You Give a Pig a Pancake, and If You Give a Moose a Muffin….hands down this is such an awesome series with many more books then we picked up! We were fortunate enough to find it in a Collection Book so we got a discounted price instead of paying the full price for all four! You know Mama…always looking for a discount when possible!

The best part about purchasing these fun books? The author donates a portion of her proceeds to “First Book” – a non profit organization that promotes children’s literacy. What could be better then than picking up a good book for your own child while helping other children in your neighborhood gain the necessary skills they need to read….I’ll tell you what’s better…..nothing.

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