Spring/Summer Clothes Shopping…

I’ve been really trying to down size the amount of clothing that both my children (all though its really more Jacob in particular) have in their closets. I’m really super proud of myself because while I know I’ll never be the person who only buys 4 or 5 outfits for their child, I’ve really moved past the need to be all “matchy matchy”. When Jacob was younger I really loved the matching shirt, shorts, hat combo’s but I’m finding it is not practical with a child who is starting to share his own idea’s and opinions about what he wears. This week when a 30% off Old Navy and Gap coupon landed itself in my email inbox I was happy to head on out and pick up some stuff for the kids for summer. I think this summer Jacob is going to have about 8-9 pairs of shorts in total which is a far cry from the 16 pairs he had last summer. So far he’s gotten 2 pair of navy cargo shorts, 2 pair of khaki cargo shorts, 1 pair of brown cargo shorts, 1 pair of navy knit shorts, 1 pair of brown knit shorts, and 1 pair of red knit shorts and with those basic colors on the bottoms I’ve just gone ahead and purchased polo’s and shirts in different styles to compliment. At Old Navy we picked up 1 khaki bucket hat and 1 navy bucket hat and I think those will be able to get him through the summer (if we don’t lose any of course). I’ve already managed to pick up 3 swim suits for him when they were on sale so those will work for his twice weekly summer swimming lessons….all that’s left is a new pair of shoes and a new pair of sandals for the summer since his shoes/sandals from the previous year are not going to fit.

I’ve purchased a few dresses and odds and ends for Violet but I’m not really going to be able to finish her shopping until I see how she’s going to grow. I think when I take her for her 4 month appointment in May I’ll have a good idea if she’ll need 3-6 or 6-12 month clothing….heck who knows maybe she’ll surprise us all and need 12-18 month clothing! ha! Wouldn’t that be a “big” surprise! I find it REALLY super easy to dress a baby in the summer so I am not worried in the least!

While we were out we picked up a few items that Mike needed as well including 4 polo shirts, 2 dress shirts, 2 t-shirts, and 2 pair of khaki pants…all on sale plus an additional 30% off…..LOVE THAT! Thank goodness I got a bonus from work to pay for it…..next person who needs new clothes is ME! I’m saving up now to buy myself some stuff in April….maybe May…I’d like to lose another 10 pounds first.

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