The Exact Middle

My friend Lizzy and I were talking about eye colour the other day and she shared that Wikipedia had a lot of cool information about every eye colour that existed so off I went to take a look. Jacob has the coolest hazel eyes that sometimes look green and I learned that hazel eyes are the EXACT MIDDLE between blue and brown eyes on the genetic eye colour spectrum. I think that is kind of neat to think (since I have brown eyes and Mike has blue) that Jacob has a little bit of each of us in his eye color…..he’s the exact middle between Mike and I….


2 thoughts on “The Exact Middle

  1. Thats interesting because he is really the middle of you two some children usually favour one of the parents but not Jacob he is a child that you can see Mommy in him in some of his looks and to the love of singing songs you also see Daddy in this looks especially when he smiles and to the way he sits with his leg crossed.

  2. He has very cool eyes.

    All my kids got some shade of blue from me (Jamie’s eyes are green). I’m glad, though, because that means the 3 of 4 who look so much like their dad at least got something I can say is all from me! lol

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