The Puzzler

I can’t get over it with Jacob, it is like an addiction to him – he is always wanting a new puzzle to do. He has slowly progressed through the various styles of puzzles to the jigsaw puzzles and started with the aged 3 and up ones and very quickly those because far too easy, next we got him the 20 piece puzzles, then the 36 and most recently we got him a 48 piece puzzle…..I’m not sure what is going on in his brain, he just amazes me with this love of his….we literally open a box and he goes at it and can generally put a brand new puzzle together in 2-7 minutes (depending on how many pieces)….every time we go to walmart he wants a new puzzle because after he does them a few times he gets really board of them….I’ve been capturing it on video so that one day when he hates puzzles we will always have it……

A few weeks ago we took this video of Jacob doing the puzzle….from start to finish it’s 2 minutes and 30 seconds…pretty darn good buddy! Keep it up!

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