Where’s Mama?

Trust me when I tell you that I have been far too busy to blog the past couple of weeks! It has been a hard but rewarding adjustment to having two children and we are still trying to iron out the kinks. The hardest part of the past few weeks is trying to decide what child gets priority when they both NEED something at the exact same moment (which believe me happens very often). I guess the hardest part of the adjustment has been the fact that Jacob got very seriously ill and required a lot of attention from both parents in order to get better. I’m quite relieved to say that the worst of Jacob’s illness over the past month seems (I hope) to have passed and he is well on the road to a complete recovery…it only took a whack load of medication and several doctors, including a visit with Sick Childrens Hospital.

I have to admit that I really miss blogging because I’ve always found it a reliable output of emotions and an easy way to share updates on our comings and goings with family and friends. I’m pretty confident that as things in our household settle a bit I’ll be able to find more time to share the news from our home! In terms of updates about us right now well I guess I’ve got nothing too fascinating to report right now. I am definitely missing the adult interaction and conversation from my workplace and I’m eager to get out and pay them a visit with little miss diva (a.k.a Violet) but sadly with all the sickness floating around here I haven’t been able to make it out just yet. I’m also longing for a little sunshine from mother nature and we’re all hoping the warm spring temperatures are just around the corner…I’m really ready for the winter and post partum blues to take a hike!

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  1. Going from one to two is a huge adjustment. I so clearly remember juggling toddler/baby needs. You are doing a great job!

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