The End of a Really Great Weekend

As I write this, I’m laying in the floor of our bedroom closet, curled up into the fetal position, whimpering and muttering while I try to keep away from the massive amounts of chocolate that entered our home this weekend. The truth is, I’m not really doing any of those things but it would sure feel a lot better then this stare down I’m currently having with a cadbury cream egg. Looking around our house right now, I can’t help but feel that the Easter Bunny stopped by our house and took a giant dump, leaving behind all sorts of evil chocolaty goodness. I’d like to say thank-you to all you other givers of chocolate for making my life torturous….my waist line (if that’s what it can be called) is screaming NO! NO! NO!


Our Easter weekend was a fabulous array of family awww moments and a little bit of organized chaos but the overall verdict is that a great time was had by all. On Friday we spent some time at a neighborhood Easter Party for Children where my son was spoiled by little old ladies insisting that we needed to let him eat every sugar filled thing in sight because, as they put it, “he’s just a growing boy”…I drew the line when I heard the one woman ask Jacob if he wanted “orange pop or coke”. Jacob as having and absolutely fabulous time playing with all the other children which is awesome for him because we just don’t have many other children in our family. At the end of the party Jacob was given a present which was a toy plastic gun that we purposely accidentally lost on our way home – please please please dont’ lecture me about how little boys always played cops and robbers…we dont’ allow them because the schools dont’ allow them and I’m just not setting my children up for expulsion!


Saturday was an incredibly busy day filled with the joys of parenting such as swimming lessons, grocery shopping, and last minute Easter errands before we were off to dinner at the homes of our dear friends – it was a late night for us but it seemed a good time was had by all – at least that was my impression! When we finally got home and lugged our children upstairs to their beds we had to sit around and hide Easter eggs make sure the Easter Bunny was able to get inside the house safely and it wasn’t until we were 100% certain that He had come and gone, that we finally settled ourselves into our bed for some much needed rest.


You know it’s going to be a good day when your toddlers face is plastered with chocolate before 9an but you shrug it off and tell yourself that you’ll make him extra broccoli this week. Honestly, this morning was the best time EVER because Jacob was just so into the Easter Bunny this year and just loved everything about the day. Somehow, I managed to get both children in their Easter best, chisled the chocolate off of Jacob’s face, and we ended up at Church on time….I’m still sort of in shock about that but we did in fact make it. YAY US! (I’m all about the praise in my parenting so why not a little praise for me too right?) During Church we were faced again with a rowdy toddler who decided communion was a good time to shout out “I WANT TO PLAY, I WANT TO PLAY”….rock on little man, rock on.


We hurried home, prepared a big hoopla of a dinner and then my family came over for a little Easter dinner followed by a small birthday celebration for Uncle Jimmy….now that its over I suddenly have zero energy. I’m super glad to have had such an awesome time this weekend with family and friends because we really needed it after all the stress we’ve felt with general anesthesia, crappy april weather, poop on the carpeted stairs, etc. etc. The holidays, no matter which one, are always just awesome times to reconnect and get together with the ones we love and indulge in some good shame free food.

Now, pardon me…..

There’s a Cabury Cream Egg calling my name and i only have 10 minutes left before its officially not the holiday anymore.

4 thoughts on “The End of a Really Great Weekend

  1. glad that everyone had such a wonderful weekend. love the pics of the kids, they look great.

  2. Patrizzia they are from Pottery Barn Kids, if you look at their store now you normally can find them for a super clearance price……the liners are harder to find after the holiday but they are relatively affordable anyway.

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