A Mind Like a Sponge I Tell You

Sometimes I forget just how ripe and absorbent the toddler brain is until my son who is now nearly 3 years old reminds me by wowing us with his superb memory and absorbed knowledge. Time and time again, Jacob will prove to me that sometimes when we think he is not really listening to us….he truly is.

A few weeks ago Jacob was watching me clean the bathroom and asked if he could turn the water on to wash his hands. I gave Jacob the green light and he tried and tried with all his might to reach the tap but alas the poor kid was too short to reach. After a few attempts to reach on tip toe he turned to me and said “Mommy I can’t reach the sink” and I quickly responded with a very adult response that went something like this: “Well Jacob is you can’t reach the sink, I think we have a predicament”. I can remember the exact moment that Jacob’s face turned from the frustration of not being able to reach the sink to the curious look as I used the word “predicament” so I wasn’t surprised when he responded to my statement with “what’s a predicament Mommy?” I didn’t know what else to say so I quickly spit out that “a predicament is when you have a problem and you don’t know what to do”…to which he simply stated: “oh ok”.

I have to admit that I wasn’t shocked by this type of questioning because we get it quite often from Jacob but what I didn’t realize at the time was that this very conversation would be used against me in the near future. Yesterday, it was well past the time that Jacob generally takes his nap so I said to him as I usually would that it was time to go upstairs, lay down in bed and take a little rest….and instead of the usual obedience what I got shocked me and made me laugh at the very same time. I watched as Jacob too a very thoughtful breath in, turned to me quietly and said “Mommy we have a predicament!” and when I pressed him with “Oh really? What is the predicament boo (as I often call him)” he responded “the predicament mommy is that I don’t want to have a nap right now”.

Uhh huh, that’s right…..that’s what I get for offering a truthful explanation! That little man never ceases to amaze me – and I tell you people, he is definitely smarter then his parents already!

But please, never fear…Mama Melissa never gets outwitted by that little man – well at least not this time. I quickly reminded him that if we were in a predicament then we needed to figure out how to solve it – and after a few moments of quick problem solving, he was snuggled up in his bed with his monkey and blanket, not even realizing that I had out smarted him yet again.

I’m so glad I don’t really swear because I could only imagine the mouth this child would have with his sponge like mind……and then I imagine…

We’d really be in quite the predicament.

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