A Toast to Tummy Time

Jacob was a lover of tummy time from a young age which I think had a lot to do with his time spent holed up in one of those N.I.C.U. incubators.  I remember when we’d visit him and I’d say to the nurses “why is he on his belly, aren’t babies supposed to sleep on their backs?” and they feed some story about how it was sage in there because of all the leads and monitors, blah blah blah….I shrugged it off, believed that they wouldn’t steer us wrong and when I took him home I cursed them…he would NOT sleep on his back, end of story.  As a result of being a tummy sleeper, we then became “breakers of parenting rules” and allowed him to sleep on his stomach, which in turn made him a champ at performing during tummy time – he never cried and hung out for an hour at a time on his tummy….simply chilling.

I guess I imagined that tummy time would go as simply or as wonderful with Violet as it did with Jacob but as it turned out, I was quite certainly mistaken.  The odd think about our little Diva is that she also enjoys sleeping on her stomach now and then but put that child down on a play mat on her belly and she will loudly and quite extravagently inform you of her displeasure. As most of us know, we humans respond to apprehensive/dangerous/maddening situations with either a fight or flight response and I suppose in a way Violet has chosen the flight part of that idea…..heh.  It’s kind of like her own way of telling us off and showing us who’s boss I suppose, but when we put her down for tummy time, Violet can easily just flip herself back over…as if she’s telling us:  “you lose, I win”; she’s just like her brother already, smarter then us.  It starts the same every time with her throwing a mini fit before she remembers her new found skill and free’s herself from the agony that is tummy time.


The thing is, little Miss Diva doesn’t quite realize that her Mama is a stubborn old thing and time and time again I’m going to put her down on that darn belly and then when she least expects it she’s going to suddenly realize that she loves it….I’m sure of it. Just yesterday it seemed the Diva was coming to her sense when she allowed me to snap this picture….


Please don’t tell her I posted the picture of her in all her focused cross eyed glory….heh…she might retaliate and it might involve poop, stanky running diaper filled to the brim poop – did I mention she’s starting to have that 40 year old balding man look?

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