Because Turning 3 Months Old Wasn’t Special Enough….

On the day that she turned 3 Months old, Violet rolled over from her tummy to her back for the first time. I caught it by accident really…she had been asleep on her belly in her bassinet for an hour, maybe two, and from my chair I saw the familiar shaking motion that generally alerts me that she is stirring from her nap. Being the good Mama that I am, I murmured a moment about how unfair it was that she was waking up already, stuffed the last piece of my lunch into my mouth, chewed, swallowed and made my way quietly to the side of her sleeping place. I peered down over her at the exact moment that she started pulling her legs up into a tight tuck, her little bum pushed high into the air. and she started that determined rock from side to side that I remember so vividly from the brother that had come before her…the rock that is either going to result in a roll or a loud screaming frustrated baby; I clenched my teeth together and braced myself for the wail that would surely escape from her wee mouth at any moment.

It was only a few moments of real determined effort and then she was over and onto her back, peering up at me with her big gray-blue eyes and a look of shock on her face that was probably close to my own. I wiped the disbelief off my face, smiled at her, and delivered a proud exuberant “you did it Violet!”….she smirked back at me as if she was saying “Oh yes I did it and now it’s party time Mum”. I’m always so excited when my kids hit a new milestone, no matter how big or how small, because to me the first smile or roll is just as important as the first word or first step….so I scooped Violet up, grabbed the phone and called That Daddy Guy to tell him the news; he was as I suspected disappointed that he had missed it and then did his usual questioning…”isn’t that early?” I have no idea what the norm is, but it’s early compared to Jacob who lazed around like a lump on a log until he was 4.5 months old….only to start crawling at 6.5 months….so I spewed out some regurgitated nonsense from Baby Center, hung up the phone, and reminded Violet that this was not an excuse for her to start doing other exciting things, like sitting up, and crawling.

With Jacob, I eagerly and anxiously awaited every milestone because I was so excited…I couldn’t wait for him to sit, I was ecstatic for him to crawl, and desperate for him to take his first steps; now that I am on my second child, my opinions on all of the above are so different. I want Violet to be her own person, to do things in her own time, when she’s ready and not according to some checklist in “What to Expect: The First Year” (have I mentioned how much I hate that book?). I totally do not feel that kids should be measured and assessed based on these “lists” that are out there, which by the way are different from book to book, from website to website – I think kids just don’t deserve the pressure…

Besides, once Jacob started moving, really moving……I could no longer take a pee without having to strap him into some baby device or plunk him behind the walls of his playpen….because if I didn’t, he would surely eat the cat food, and he’d probably go back for seconds.

Yes, Violet can take her time all she wants….

Even though at this point the odds don’t seem to be in my favor, but then….they never are.

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