Fat Friday’s

I mentioned it prior to Violet’s birth but Mike and I are finally gearing up to make it happen….the spring weather is quickly approaching and we’re ready to take a huge leap of trust in each other that we can “trim the fat”. With my PCOS working against me it’s bound to be quite a difficult journey but I’m committed to work together with Mike to make this a family effort. We talked a bit about it last night and every month we’re going to set a big month goal and each week we’ll have smaller weekly goals – not specifically goals about how much we want to lose (because we’re just taking that as it comes) but rather goals about changes we’re making in our lifestyle.

This is going to be a very raw gut wrenching experience at times because we are not expecting ourselves to be perfect, we are aware that we will make mistakes, enjoy the odd cheeseburger and fries, and indulge in buttered popcorn if we ever find the time to make it to the movies….but the change is not about little indulgences, the changes is about the bigger picture as a whole. I’m starting at a pretty good spot because I didn’t gain very much in my pregnancy with Violet at all – I’m basically working from my pre-pregnancy weight right now and I’m looking at losing 80-100 pound overall but truthfully if I even dropped 50 I’d feel pretty darn proud of myself….every pound is going to be celebrated and appreciated as it comes off because it is proof of hard work and great focus.

So keep your arms and legs inside the ride at all times, refrain from standing while the vehicle is in motion, strap on your seat belt and join Mike and I in this journey – it’s going to be a bumpy ride but once it’s over I think it will have been the ride of my life.

The goal this week is to just “Figure the first step out and do it.”

Brace yourself…this could get ugly!

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