Got Reflux?

I definitely don’t consider myself a “know-it-all” when it comes to having children with reflux but I definitely feel like an expert when it comes to dealing with MY children and their struggles with reflux, also known as G.E.R.D or Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (say that three times fast…heh). I remember the whole ordeal leading up to getting a diagnosis for Jacob at the Toronto Sick Children’s hospital back in 2006….He had been spitting up small to medium amounts hours after a feeding and was refluxing milk from his nostrils – he arched his back during feedings and grunted and groaned while he slept at night flat on his back; I remember feeling like I had absolutely no idea what was going on for him but recall that he was quite obviously in some sort of discomfort.

I was totally bummed when I started noticing all the symptoms of reflux in Violet because I just did not want to go down that road with another child. I tried everything possible in the beginning to find other causes of her discomfort but one day after I had strapped her into her car seat and went into the kitchen to get a sippy cup for Jacob, I heard something that made me realize it was time to get Violet diagnosed. I remember that I had just stepped into the kitchen for a moment when I heard a very odd gurgling sound coming from Violet’s car seat followed by a sharp whistling inhale – I raced to the hall and found a massive amount of throw up coming out of Violets mouth and nose and saw my daughter sort of sputtering for breath…the next day we were assessed and within a week on the same medication her brother had taken, all of Violet’s symptoms were gone and she was a more peaceful content newborn. Alleluia.

There are a lot of ways that we had to adjust with both of our children but the easiest things we’ve done to help them cope with reflux was to raise the head of their beds where the sleep so that they are positioned on a sort of angle and we also try to keep Violet upright after she is done feeding…Thankfully Jacob outgrew his reflux struggle around 9 months old and I’m hoping that Violet quickly has her reflux resolve too…

Until then, I’m forced to endure occasional romps with baby throw up…

And on days like yesterday, I’m convinced my daughter has a career in basketball because despite her medication, she really got me good…..

Right in the cleavage.


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