Save Our Green Space!

I’ve always hoped that if my children got anything from me, it would be my passion around standing up for the things that are dear and important to you.  Since I firmly believe in leading by example our family spent the evening doing our part to save the park across the street from our house.  At 5:30 pm we bundled up and went out into the windy cold evening to participate in a peaceful protest – please try not to get all aroused and up in arms about us taking our children to a protest….it was a far cry from an angry anti-war riot!  The truth is that we love this darn park and the municipal government is about to tear it down, dig into the ground, take away the green space and replace it with a nice shiny new slab of concrete that will be made into a….


Kill me.


Let me be clear in saying that I am absolutely not against the idea of a skate board park, in fact I am quite in favor of the teenagers having a super awesome place to slam their boards into the ground day and night but I am opposed to it being across the street from a residential neighborhood.  The part that makes me absolutely furious about it is the way that the community around the proposed skate board park is not being consulted, heard, or even acknowledged.  We are being told that the noise level will not increase and I find such a message ignorant because when there is just five or six teenagers in that park we can hear them quite clearly….this skate board park is projected to draw in hundreds of “boarders” and seriously Mark Grimes, when was the last time You heard someone skateboard?  I’m sorry but it is not a quiet activity any way that you look at it.   Mr. Grimes wants us to believe that the teenagers are just going to “go home” at 11pm when the skateboard park “closes” but this is not to be a supervised skate park so I’m wondering who is going to be around at 11pm to make sure all the obediant little teeny boppers find their ways safely back to their parents….certainly not Mr. Grimes.  I guarantee that we will hear the whizz, whirl, and slam of the skate board well into the late hours of the morning!  The neighborhood people have not been adequately consulted and I’m angry.

I’m furious.


This is not a joke, or something to be taken lightly…this is the park that the children in this community play in.  I’m so frustrated by our municipal government right now and I’ve taken the time to write letters to both Mr. Grimes and our Mayor David Miller about this situation.  I won’t even get started about how the skate board park is going to cost over FIVE HUNDRED THOUSAND DOLLARS but apparently we have no money for swimming pools so those need to be closed down.  No, this is not a joke at all and when Mama Melissa gets angry about something it only motivates her to keep fighting.

So, yes we took our children to a peaceful protest in a little park…because it matters to all of us, them included.  I of course did not get Jacob involved in the politics of it all (because I also believe that children shouldn’t take on adult type problems) but I did let him be there, playing in the park that he enjoys so much and check him out….

Apparently he wanted to be on the front lines of the action….next thing you know he’ll be chaining himself to a tree.  Heh.


As I was walking to the store last night at about 10:45 p.m., I stepped out of my house and immediately could hear the whirl and thump of skate boards and as I walked I looked around trying to find where the noise was coming from. It was not until I was practically at the store that I saw two teenagers, using the lighted parking lot as a skate board park of their own and as I watched them I laughed….

No noise increase? Why is it that I could hear these two skate boarders from my house when the distance between my house and the store is TWICE the distance between my house and the proposed new skate board park. I think its hilarious that Mr. Mark Grimes would suggest that the noise level won’t increase….we are not uneducated, easily pacified individuals Mr. Grimes…

Put the darn skate board park next to your house because we don’ want it next to ours.

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  1. Good for you for protesting. Skate parks are cool, but I think green space is cooler. And, yeah, skate parks are LOUD.

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