Spring Catch Up

It’s that time of year again when everyone talks about doing their spring cleaning and if I was being truthfully honest I’d admit that I have never really partaken in the annual get off your rear and do some extra cleaning because it’s springtime. I wonder what it means to “spring clean” – I mean does it involve cleaning the outsides of your windows and getting the garden ready for spring planting? I thought about doing it this year, partaking in the cleaning of windows and the preparation of gardens but then I realized I’ve currently got bigger fish to fry.

Since Violet has been born the house has slowly been moving towards disorganization and while we do the occasional load of laundry here and there…there is a great big pile of laundry waiting to be done. The harsh reality of it is that I’ve been avoiding it all and trying to focus on learning to ropes of parenting two children at the same time…and every day the pile of laundry gets bigger, the disorganization gets more disorganized and the avoidance gets easier because the task seems so much larger then it ever did before. What it all really boils down to is PROCRASTINATION!

I’m not exactly sure of the exact moment that PROCRASTINATION marched into my home with his bitter personality and stale smell but surely in the weeks since Violet has arrived he has taken up camp here. We use to be good friends, PROCRASTINATION and I, back in my college days when we’d stay up late together finishing a report that I’d had 2 months to work on – I’d mumble and curse him for “doing this to me every time” and he’d stretch out on the couch with a smirk of accomplishment…somehow we still managed to pull of A’s so you can surely see why we have had a love/hate relationship over the years. For some reason PROCRASTINATION showed up again and there he lays stretched out on my couch, a dry martini in one hand a smoke pursed in his lips…watching me with that same smirk on his face, the smoke circling over his head like a sort of halo – when he speaks its a brief murmuring of the same old messages: “you can do it later” and “it won’t hurt to let it sit just one more day”…and for some darn reason I listen like his words are meaningful or something.

So because I’m sick and tired of our unwanted house guest, I’m taking the reigns and throwing him out on his dirty bitter butt this week and setting course for what I’m calling a “Spring Catch Up”. I’m sure he’ll hang out, perhaps peering into my windows with his beady pleading eyes hoping that I might open the door and allow him to saunter in again but OH NO…this time I’m not letting him get the upper hand!! I have big plans to do all sorts of things around the house including laundry, dusting, organizing the living room, putting away some winter clothing and bringing out some spring for the kids, and anything else of importance that I stumble upon this week. I’m pretty sure that with my confident, “no guff” attitude this week, PROCRASTINATION might be feeling A LOT of separation anxiety…

I’m sure he’ll get over it….I’m sure he’ll even make a visit again in the future.

2 thoughts on “Spring Catch Up

  1. Excellent post.

    (And I’m kind of giggling because I’ve had a bunch of blog RSS feeds in my inbox for over two weeks… this one included… waiting to be read. Talk about procrastination…)

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